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Ispalla - Sweet Dreams Incense Sticks

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Embrace the whispers of slumber with Ispalla's Sweet Dreams incense, a soothing blend of Palo Santo, Herbs, Lavender, and Vanilla. 

 Unwind in a fragrant lullaby: Warm, grounding Palo Santo washes away the day's worries, creating a peaceful haven for your soul.

Calming Herbs weave a fragrant spell of relaxation, easing tension and inviting sweet slumber. Dreamy Lavender whispers of moonlit fields and peaceful meadows, preparing your mind for gentle rest.

 Creamy Vanilla adds a touch of comfort and sweetness, wrapping you in a cloud of fragrant tranquility.


Ispalla incenses are made with the highest quality of resins to offer a unique and relaxing experience. Thre are no chemical components in its preparation, each person who lights an Ispalla incense will be enjoying the unique aromas of Peru.

Ispalla is a 100% sustainably harvested and ecological product. Worked hand in hand with the communities of northern Peru. These incenses are characterized by being of the highest quality as they go through an arduous process of selecting herbs and woods with a high resin content. No species of tree is cut to obtain these incenses. They go through a strict selection and collection process to avoid indiscriminate felling of trees.

each pack has 10 incense sticks with a burn time of 60minutes

Product Information

Our 9.8oz and 5oz premium matte black glass jars are meant to spruce up any space!

As all candles are individually hand poured and made in batches, each batch may be different from the other (I'm only human! lol).

Featuring my signature black wax. I chose my wax to be black cos

1) I love black (can you tell?) and

B) Black candles are used for protection and repeling negativity.

Coupled with the amazing scents, you are on your way to achieve ultimate zendom.

Weight: 9.8oz (280g)

Burn Time: 50-60 Hours.

Weight: 5oz (160g)

Burn Time: 30-40 Hours

good to know

All candles are made with all natural soy wax and wicked with eco-friendly cotton wicks. It is vegan friendly, sustainable and biodegradable.

Good quality fragrance oils are used to elevate scent performance and experience.

Made in small batches to maintain the quality of the candles. 

Candle Care

Please follow these tips to ensure a safe burn.

1) Trim wick before each burn especially the first burn.

2) Please make sure you burn for at least 2 hours for the first burn.

3) Do not let your candle burn for more than 4 hours at a time.

4) Please keep away from the kiddos and pets.

5) Keep candle away from drafty/ windy areas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at