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Candle Performance

Well that sucks doesn't it! Don't worry all is not lost.

Tunneling occurs when only a small portion of the wax around the wick melts while the candle is burning. This could be because the candle was not left lit long enought for a melt pool to occur. 

Here's a quick and easy fix.

  1. Use a hairdryer to level out the wax! This helps to melt and smooth the wax.
  2. Let it cool and trim you wick to 1/4in and light it and leave it to burn for 2 - 4 hours. 
  3. Make sure the candle is not near a window or anywhere drafty.

Please reach out if you have any questions! 

This is completely normal! Singapore is a hot and humid country, even candles perspire. This is a common side effect for soy wax. 

Just use a tissue to gently wipe the surface and you're good to go! 

To avoid sweating, keep your candle away from drafts, direct sunlight and rooms that vary in temperartures. 


We use 100% natural soy wax in all our candles. It is vegan and biodegradable! We also use fragrance oils for the amazing scents and cotton eco wicks. 

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Yes the jars are absolutely gorgeous! After the end of its burn, we encourage you to upcycle the jar to hold pens/pencils, little trinkets or anything you can think of!

Alternatively, you can always send it back to us and we'll upcycle it! 

Good on you for upcycling! 

You can use a hairdryer to melt any leftover wax and carefully throw it out. Be careful here as the wax would be hot. Alternativerly, you can use a plastic spoon to scoop out the wax and chuck it. Use a pair of pliers or tweezers to take out the wick. 

Clean the jar with warm soapy water and let it dry completely before you reuse it! 

Tag me on IG and show me how you upcycle the jars! 

Please reach out if you have any questions!